New Location

Bath Massage Therapy Studio has moved to 660 County Rd. 7, Bath, ON

Online booking now available

Visit to book an appointment.

Slowly re-opening

Thank you for your patience these last few weeks.
Beginning this week, I will be contacting patients to re-book their cancelled appointments and booking in those on my current waiting list.
The online booking is not available at this time, but I hope to get in up and running again soon.

Clinic still closed for the time being

The Ontario Minister of Health has given Health care professionals, from dentists to massage therapist to speech pathologists, the ok to begin to re-open their doors as of Thursday, May 29th, for emergency care.

While these 22 regulated health professions are now allowed to open, they all have different governing colleges and very different legal requirements to fulfill before opening.

Due to the continued need for physical distancing, and the close quarters and long time spent with patients during a massage treatment, I have decided not to open my clinic for the time being.  When I can guarantee the safety of my patients and my family in my home, I will begin the slow process of reopening.

Please stay safe and continue to practice physical distancing and rigorous handwashing.

Thank you,

Tara Batchilder, RMT